Cast Basalt and Ceramic Products

Turbo make Micro Crystalline High Alumina / Ceramic Tiles, Pipes, Bends and Other Fittings

TURCOR is the formation Alumina Ceramic, Manufactured by Sintering Process in a temperature 1500 and above offering excellent Abrasion, Erosion, Corrosion properties together and good wear resistance, but relatively low strength and fracture toughness.

Alumina Ceramics are generally white but may also be pink or brown. TURCOR produces a range of high purity Alumina Ceramics in the range of 90% – 99.9% purity.

TURCOR tiles are available in pastable, boltable, weldable or mechanical interlocking forms and can easily be used to cover large wearing areas quickly. These tiles are a preferred choice in highly abrasive pneumatic conveying systems, cyclones, fly-ash/coal pipelines etc.

Tiles of different sizes in various thicknesses ranging from 3mm thick up to 100mm thick are available and it is also available in spherical ball shape.

Technical Specification:


  • Al2O3 : 90% (min)
  • SiO2 : 0.1 – 9%
  • Others : 4 – 5%

Mechanical Properties :

  • Specific Gravity : 3.6 g/cm³ & Above.
  • Hardness : 9 Moh’s Scale.
  • Water Absorption : Nil.
  • Cold Crushing Strength : Min 3500 kg/cm².
  • Flexural Strength : 2200 kg/cm².
  • Max Operating Temperature : 1000ºC