Cast Basalt and Ceramic Products

Turbo make Complex Carbide Weld Wear Plates

Turbo Weld Wear Plates consist of a deposit of hard facing alloy of complex carbide of Tungsten carbides on a mild steel base. The matrix of complex carbide, Tungsten Carbide shape, type, and thickness of the hard layer is very carefully designed to take care of wear, abrasion and erosion in the Mining, Material Handling Industries, Steel Plants, Thermal Power Plants, Cement Industries, Heavy Earth Moving Equipments, Coal Handling Systems, and Crushers etc.

Type Base Alloy Hardness Service Condition
Turbo Weld – T50 C, Cr, Mn 47-52 HRC Heavy Impact, Shocks, Abrasion
Turbo Weld – T60 C, Cr, Mn 52-55 HRC Medium Impact & Extreme Abrasion
Turbo Weld – T65 C, Cr, Mn, N6, V, W, Mo 55-63 HRC Extreme Abrasion, Corrosion & High temp applications